Interior design topics: Textures

How many times did you think wittingly about texture related with interior decoration? The texture is one of the richest and the most neglected characteristics in interior design. Color, colour schemes and patterns, are often considered, but texture as itself, is often forgotten. Advantages of texture in interior design: Enhances the colour scheme used; Brings […]

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Garden textures

Add texture with layers of conifers, they bring depth, dimension and interest to your garden . Leaf texture is related with leaf size and shape. The combination of different leaves creates a singular statement. Succulents are plants that are easy to grow and disseminate, their texture effect is increased when we mixed a variety of […]

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Bedside table

As we mentioned on our previous post “Sleep well… “, a good environment promotes a good rest. More than a decoration, this piece of furniture must provide functionality. To ensure this, the selection of content is essential: Choose a lamp with warm illumination (2700 K) – it can calm you before sleeping and promotes a comfortable wake up. […]

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