Duplicate color

Wear colour is not so easy as it seems. Some people defend themselves using lots of black, others using neutral tones, other ones enjoy wear colour but don’t know how to look exquisite with them. There are lots of theories about colour schemes, but in the morning when we are getting dressed, is good to have basic […]

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This year we see logos everywhere, they are currently a trend. We know that a timeless style walks away from the trends, but sometimes our inner part may ask the question: Should I wear that logo? I know that sometimes we have a certain willingness to show others that we have good taste or social […]

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Outfit proportions

Proportion is one of the most important elements of fashion, is the combination of the size (width and length) of all components in a way that creates harmony between them. How do we do that? It is important to consider the balance between the upper and lower body, the harmonious proportion is obtained by combining the bottom […]

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