When I was attending middle school, geology was one of my favorite subjects.

Our teacher, whose  last name was Rocha (rock in Portuguese), took us on a field trip to a rock and minerals fair, since then every year I go to this fair.


Adding a gemstone to your decoration can bring some shine and will bring some  sculptural form, made by nature!krystal-ng-596638-unsplash1.jpg

How to incorporate a gemstone into your home decor:

  •  Displaying the gemstones:
    • On a tray, on the table, or using it in a decor composition;
    • Gemstones collection – display case;
    • Large gemstones as the focal point.


  • Decoration pieces
    • Mineral lamp;
    • Bookends;
    • Gemstone coasters to hold drinks;
    • Drawer pulls.



 Photo:carole smile,Victoria Kure-Wu,Krystal Ng,Krystal Ng &Lala V

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