How many times did you think wittingly about texture related with interior decoration?

The texture is one of the richest and the most neglected characteristics in interior design. Color, color schemes and patterns, are often considered, but texture as itself, is often forgotten.


Advantages of texture in interior design:

  • Enhances the colour scheme used;
  • Brings movement principally to monochromatic looks;
  • It’s easy to articulate with other elements (easier than patterns);
  • Brings sophisticated mood;
  • Create a dramatic effect when combined with lightning.


Textures can appear on construction finishes (such as wood, tiles, stone, wallpaper, etc.) and upholstery (fabrics, cushions, covers, etc.).

How do you introduce texture in interior design?


Photo by: JJ Ying,rawpixel,Erol Ahmed,rawpixel,Samuel Zeller,Hal Gatewood   &Tim Mossholder


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