When we need to work at home, a home office is a perfect place to do it!

As time goes by, the temptation to start bringing in things to the office space is so big that working in that space can gradually make us feel a bit claustrophobic!

You can improve your office mood by:

  • Managing lighting, according to:
    • Solar orientation;
    • Type of activity you do;
    • Environment colours;


  • Keeping everything well stored and neat:
    • Choose a consistent palette of colours!
    • Keep your desk clean, with the least objects possible:
    • If your desk has drawers, keep only a lamp and a computer on top of it. If not, add a notebook and a pen support.
    • Opt for organiser boxes, storage folders for each purpose, and then all you have to do is be consistent and put things always in the same place.



The secret to have a clean and organised office is keeping everything in the right place!


photo by: Beatriz Pérez Moya, Nikita Vantorin, Jess Watters & Yan Ots

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