In the past, when visiting a friend’s home, we would usually take one bottle of wine. Then as the time went by people started offering chocolates and sweets! But we are living a new era.

Last Saturday I went to a dear friend’s home. I took a pot of homemade peanut butter and a little box of figs with me to offer as a gift. My friend had offered me a jar of wonderful homemade granola as well.


I was delighted!

By the way, the snacks we enjoyed that afternoon were healthy and gorgeous: flavoured water, cucumber slices, fruit and rosemary cookies! No sugar, no alcohol!


It was a delightful afternoon!

This week my daughter’s breakfast is granola, and I use it as a topping of flavour on my breakfast smoothie – delicious!!


As the fall approaches, little boxes of fruit and pumpkins are an excellent idea to offer.



And throughout the year you can come up with so many ideas of fruit, homemade sugar-free jam, and spices that are always a synonym of good taste and care!



The times have changed and we are more conscious of our nutritional needs. Consequently, we are introducing this incredible habit in our social relations!

And you, when you go to visit your friend’s home, what kind of presents do you offer?


photo by: Leone Venter Cristina & Vera


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