Do you have pets? And do you like to have a tidy and clean house? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you!

Dogs, cats, even birds at home can cause some mess even after cleaning the house.

The question is:
What can we do to reduce the “presence” of the pet’s hairs that scatter through the house?

1. Think about the fabrics you have on your sofas. Natural fibres such as silk, wool and cotton, and some textured fabrics such as velvet, grab the pet’s hairs.

2. Consider leather or synthetic fabrics that don’t grab the pet’s hair and are easy to clean and make sure the synthetic fabrics are washable.

3. The same applies to rugs, if you choose jute or cow’s hair rugs,  pet’s hair remains disguised.

4. Think about the colours of your environment, especially the sofas, pillows and carpets. The ideal solution is to choose colours near your pet’s pigment.

5. If you don’t want to spend too much to upholster your sofa, the grandmother’s strategy it’s always available, the cover on the couch. Today you can find very well made covers in the open market. If you choose this option give it a twist of style, buy one washable fabric that matches your home decor and order to do a slipcover. Today is possible to adopt this strategy with style and good taste.

What strategies do you use to mitigate pets’ hair?


Photo by: Matthew Henry

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