When we get carried away by short term fads, the result could be a certain lack of coherence in our choices.

When we go on shopping sprees, we risk accumulating a ton of objects that can even be beautiful in isolation, but combine poorly with other objects in our homes.

Take some time and think about yourself, your lifestyle, the feeling you would like to emanate from your home:

  • Timeless
  • Relaxed
  • Clean
  • Rustic
  • Feminine
  • Statement
  • Colourful
  • Bohemian

To help you to define your home style you have to consider:

1.What is the best expression for your own personal style?

This means your genuine style, not the style you create for the others or for professional reasons. Just an example, some pop stars, even metal rock stars, have a very classic styled interior designs in their homes, which are completely different from the style they exhale when they are acting!

2. Your home components

Which materials do you prefer? Do you prefer concrete, or wood or stone? – painted walls, or decor paper… there are lots of questions to consider!

3. Not so your home style!

Find a box and put on it all the items you bought in the past and just do not fit with your perspective anymore.

4. Pop your home signature style

Keep the items you love, even if there is no coherence of style and colour between them.  They will be your style signature, they will most likely speak about your story, about your preferences.

When your favourite items are grouped in a particular order and laid out on strategic places, the result could be astonishing!

5. Finding Inspiration

Read about interior design on blogs, interior designers website…

6. Invest in furniture and accessories you know will fit your home style

Spend more with timeless items which you know can last longer.

7. Consider color

There are hundreds of colours at your disposal. Try to find a colour palette that fits your home style and, most importantly, keep consistency and coherence in your color choices.

Forget the fads, every year they promote a new colour! If right now the main buzz is for the greys but you are more for the beiges, go for it. Browse online for colour schemes inspired by nature (nature is always right)!

Think about a part of your home, like a dining room or dining corner, look at the photos below, they are only a small example of different styles we have at our disposal.





The best way to enhance a home decor is to be yourself and be authentic on your decisions, and of course, planning the space with coherence between objects, colours and symmetry.


Photo by:Philipp Berndt yann maignanDavide Cantelli Daniil Silantev Annie Gray

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