A good environment promotes a good rest. More than a decoration, this piece of furniture must provide functionality.

cheryl-winn-boujnida-66160-unsplash 2

IMG_8858To ensure this, the selection of content is essential:

  • Choose a lamp with warm illumination (2700 K) – it can calm you before sleeping and promotes a comfortable wake up.
  • Find a small tray to put your glasses on and some other little things you need.
  • A Bottle and a glass of water – How many times did you wake up at night just to drink a glass of water?
  • The book you are reading.
  • Alarm clock – try to find one with no electricity connection, it is better to sleep without electronics on the bedroom.
  • Candle and/or Photo – only if you have space.
  • Inside the drawer:
    • Paper tissues;
    • Hand and feet lotion;
    • Lip balm;
    • Notebook and pencil;
    • For those who need: eye mask, nose spray,  and other medicine you sometimes take at night.

photo by; Samuel Foster Cheryl Winn-Boujnida & Vera

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