Wearing color is not so easy as it seems. Some people circumvent the issue by using lots of black, or using neutral tones, while others enjoy wearing color but don’t know how to look exquisite with them.

There are many of theories about colour schemes, but in the morning when we are getting dressed, it is always good to have basic notions involving the colour combination we are wearing.

The simple way to enhance colour combination is through the mix of neutral tones with a bold color. Colors stand out more when hinged with neutrals. As neutrals, we mean whites, ivory, beiges, browns, greys and blacks. It’s like there’s no colour.

To enhance the selected colour and use it with style – duplication of the bold colour is the key. The idea is choosing two elements, which represent the colour, the other ones will be neutral.

Choose the pieces of colour so that they are separated from each other


Select pants and a scarf,
A top and shoes
A skirt and handbag.

During fall, winter and springtime you can play with layers and colour doubling.

The main idea is to separate the pieces that have bold color, otherwise, they will appear to be the same item.

When we want to use color, a good idea is to have two different pieces with the same color, that could combine with each other.  And as a way to make the color doubling effect come through, use different accessories like a scarf, a brooch, a necklace, a hat, a pair of gloves or shoes.

This way enables you to use color more regularly and completely transforms the way you wear colourful clothes! What about you?


Photo: Arnel Hasanovic &Samuel Zeller

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