We see logos everywhere, they are currently a drift. However, we know that a timeless style walks away from the trends, but sometimes our inner part may ask the question:

Should I wear that logo?


I know that sometimes we succumb to use logos because we seem to have a certain willingness to show others that we have good taste or social status… but that is a completely wrong approach. In that sense, you could be led to think by brands that logos are a great way to do help others will automatically see that you are “in” because you are “carrying” a certain brand.

This is of course a total nonsense.

Yes, there are people who think that you could stand out of the crowd by using logos, but at best this is a little more than a twentieth-century mindset, when social status was measured by the amount of logos your outfit had.


Today, in the 21st century we need to reflect on it!

If we are aware of how the industry operates, design leaders usually offer two or three brands divided into segments, that is, a cheaper brand, another intermediate, and the haute couture brand.

What is curious, is that we see the logos on their cheapest brands and business lines, which leads us to conclude that people who purchase haute couture, do not feel the need to show that they use the X or Y brand, they just want to feel well dressed and comfortable…

The logo doesn’t matter!

Instead, is better to appreciate beauty and quality! You don’t need labels to help you discern and consume quality.

The ultimate question is…

Why should we go around doing free publicity for a brand?



Photo: Vera

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