As a blogger, it is easy to see how much technology has changed our lives for the better.

We share experiences with like-minded people and expand our horizons greatly. But we rarely think about the technology behind what we do, and we rarely take time to consider the impact that digital technologies are having in all areas of life.


In reality, technology can be so helpful to us in so many areas of life that we simply use it without even pausing to consider all the possibilities ahead.

Recently I read a book by António Belo Santos, “Cyber Economics: Digital Resources are Changing the World”, that opened my eyes to:

  • The immense opportunities that technology is creating for all of us;
  • How technology is impacting several industries;
  • How our world is becoming a much better place.

More information is available at the website of António Belo Santos:

Love and light,


Photo: Vera

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