In the recent past, women only used black for evening appointments. Today it is not like this, and the use of black clothes is appropriate all year, all day. Nevertheless, there are times when black should not be an option.

luke-braswell-264173-unsplash.jpgDon’t wear black:

  • When you are tired and your eyes have dark circles – black clothes will emphasyze the darkness of your eyes and you will look more tired than you are! Even when you are using concealer, this colour doesn’t help.
  • On winter, spring sunny days – those days ask for a more opened colour, if you want to wear darker clothes try dark greys, browns or navy.
  • Wearing all black in weddings, Baptisms and children’s parties, even when they occur in winter, unless the hosts suggest this colour on dress code. Although it is acceptable to wear black on those moments, a black attire is associated with sadness.

Love & light,


Photo by:Yuni Stahl & Luke Braswell

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