Do you Share things just because when you do it you feel your inflated ego telling you that you are the best? Or because the role of victim causes others to fall all over you, captivating their attention?

Look arround you – do you see people sharing only to get sympathy, attention and the feeling of being special and important?

Sharing for the above mentioned reasons may be ego based behaviour, and this is frivolous and empty because nobody asks them for what they are sharing. They are sharing because they want you to know something that really doesn’t matters to you, only to them.

When we only reveal what is necessary at the right time, to the right people, we are enriching the world with knowledge and this creates good energy for everyone.

But this is very hard!


I’m not saying you should keep everything to yourself, it is important to share daily events with close ones, only with those ones who really care about us. But with the other ones… why are you sharing just because you want to seem something in their eyes?

Another side of this coin: when you reveal only the necessary, when you are not saying how stressed or busy you are, you are increasing the sense of optimism in others, and then, they will want to be with you, just because you emanate a wonderful aura.

Could you imagine a world were people just share their happiness when that sharing is required to illustrate a point in a conversation without any intention of showing how amazing they are?

photo by: Becca Tapert & Genessa Panainte

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