After the amazing previous experience with rosehip oil, it is time to try sweet almond oil with hair mask.


Sweet almond oil

The most common vegetable oil for cosmetic use! However, the one that looks greasier to me! Let’s see what the hair looks like after use.

Experience: (2 drops oil sweet almond oil + hair mask)
Comparison with the use of simple hair mask

Perception in application on damp and previously washed hair – Pleasant, Feeling greasy when applied more than two drops. Good application experience.

Effect on hair for a month of applications – Hair hydrated, but slightly heavy.

Conclusion – When adding sweet almond oil to the hair mask, good moisturizing is observed. However the appearance is slightly heavy, perhaps in thick and curly hair the effect is more positive (my hair is straight and thin).

After this experience I proceed to the experience with Camellia Oil, see the result in the next publication.

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