After the two previous experiments I began to use rosehip oil (rosa mosqueta) mixed with the hair mask, in an attempt to optimize the effects of the mask, in order to avoid the fizz effect of the hair strands, provoked by the cold of winter.

It was time to use Rosehip Oil


Rosehip Oil (rosa mosqueta)

Very used for skin. However, since the characteristics of the oil promote hydration through the formation of an impermeable layer, which maintains natural hydration, it seems to make sense that it is also used in hair!

Experience: (2 drops Rosehip Oil  + Hair Mask)
Comparison with the use of simple hair mask

Perception in application on damp and previously washed hair – Ultra soft! Feeling not greasy, very good. The best application experience when compared to previous (see)

Effect on the hair during a month of applications – Visible effects from the first application, shiny and silky hair, with light and loose appearance!

Conclusion – Add rosehip oil (Rosehip) to the hair mask moisturizes and gives a fabulous look to the hair. A real surprise, as it is an oil that is little spoken for the purpose of moisturizing hair strands.

Then proceed to experiment with Sweet almond oil, see the result in the next publication.

Love & light,


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