Have you had the feeling that, in spite putting on your hair, mask and hair conditioner, it stays with dry and fizz wires… specially on cold winter days?

Yes, it happened to me, I have straight, thin and colorless hair, but also happened to friends with thick curly hair and others with colored hair.
It is curious that this happens even when we use good quality hair masks, intended for hair with dry and damaged ends, enriched with vegetable oils.

So, I decided to do an experiment: Add 2 drops (only 2) of pure oil to the hair mask to increase its  power.

I did this experiment for 1 month for each type of oil. (Coconut oil, Argan oil, Rosa Mosqueta oil (Rosehip) and Sweet almond oil).

The results on my hair:


Coconut Oil 

The Oil Of The Moment! Everywhere there are fantastic recommendations for its use. In order to ensure quality I chose a bio oil.

Experience: 2 drops of coconut oil + hair mask

Comparison with use of simple hair mask.

Perception in application on wet hair and previously washed – feeling of parched and rough hair – which is strange since we are adding a natural oil.

Effect on hair over a month of applications – I have not noticed visible effects with the addition of coconut oil. Perhaps because the recommendation for its use is through application on dry hair and let it act for at least four hours.

My conclusion – Adding coconut oil to the hair mask does not add value when compared to wearing the mask alone.

I then proceeded to the experience with argan oil, see the result in the next post!

love & light


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