Since I started to study the effects of sugar, one question popped in my mind – which snacks to eat? supermarkets have lots of snacks but most of all have added sugar.

After some research, certain foods stand out:


They are crunchy, they have a pleasant taste and they leave us satisfied.

And the best of all, they contain magnesium, zinc and fatty acids.

But this is not the interesting part. What I discovered was amazing! There is a difference in the nutritional availability of the almonds when they are eaten dry or soaked.

Nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances can be found in dried almonds (and in other nuts, seeds and grains) which can be minimized or eliminated by immersion.
When soaked overnight (for 8 to 12 hours), the almonds, are activated, that is, they lose the toxic substances into the water, and the enzymes begin to be produced. In other words, the seed ceases to be in a state of “conservation” and is preparing for the beginning of germination. Proteins, minerals, and vitamins become bioavailable and are easier for our body to assimilate.


Advantages of eating a snack of activated almonds:

  1. You do not feel hunger for longer periods of time;
  2. The digestion and the nutritional value of the almonds is improved;
  3. The almonds are crunchy without being harsh;
  4. The taste is more delicate.

On the image the difference between dried (right) and hydrated almonds (left) is visible

To ensure the quality of the product, it is advisable to consume the almonds on the day they are soaked.

Love & light,


Photo by: Vera

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