The difference between good and poorly ironed clothes is huge and this will impact the way you present yourself!

Even when we have help at home, we must know how treat the clothes well, so that we can guide our staff properly.

We must find solutions that help minimize time around the iron, improving ironing quality:

  1. Do not overfill the washing machine – your clothes will not be so well washed and they will be much more creased.IMG_7476.JPG
  2. Use liquid starch in the softener compartment when washing cotton shirts, tablecloths and bed linens – This will structure the fabric facilitating the ironing process (first check if your washing machine is ready for liquid starch).
  3. Use a soft spin program (also 800 r/m) then remove the laundry from the machine as soon as the program is finished – The faster it is, the less wrinkled the clothes are, the less wrinkles they get and the less it will need to be ironed! Shake the clothes before hanging them to remove the folds. You can also use hangers to hang shirts and dresses, as they do not get so deformed (see how to take care of your clothes)IMG_7452.JPG
  4. Fold as you pick up the rope – Once the clothes are dry, remove them from the clothesline and fold them. Separate the clothes, put in a basket those that are to iron and fold in places that need not be ironed, like underwear, socks, or other clothes!IMG_7282.JPG
  5. When ironing tablecloths or bed linens with embossed embroidery – put on the board a bath towel, to make it more fluffy, then put the embroidery face down, so as you pass the iron over this relief will be more evident and not flattened!IMG_7467
  6. Shirts sleeves are best ironed with a shirt sleeve board.
  7. To avoid damage in dark clothes, iron them with a plastic protection on iron.

Do you have simple secrets about easy ironing? Share with us!

Love & light,


Photo by: Charles Deluvio & Vera

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