Last Saturday we had a dinner at our home and we used candles and flowers to enhance the atmosphere during the dinner. After the meal I looked for the candlesticks and they were full of candle wax!

I wondered “How to remove this in an efficient way, preserving the candlesticks”?

I discovered two different ways to do it so I tried both:

First one – Remove all candle wax with a gentle wood stick, and then wash it with hot water.


Second one – Put the candlestick in the freezer, two hours later remove the hardened wax.


The first one is faster, because you don’t need to wait, but we need to be careful when we remove the wax with the stick.

The second one is incredibly easy, but after remove the wax, some little fragments remain clinging and are more difficult to eliminate.


My conclusion: If you have space, put the candlesticks in the freezer, then remove the candle wax, and when the candle holder is at room temperature, wash it with hot water. NOTE WELL, never wash the cold candlestick with hot water, as it breaks.

How do you remove the candle wax from your candle stickers?

Love& light,


Photo by: Vera

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