Some short-term effects of sugar are damages that are not immediately manifested in areas related to the digestive tract. That causes our primary interpretation to lead us to another cause, unrelated to sugar. However, if we think that sugar has a deleterious effect on all the organs, it is natural that these organs manifest their indisposition, with proper symptomatology.


Short term effects of sugar – 24 hours after the ingestion:

  • Eyes
    • edema or puffiness
    • irritation or inflammation
    • red eyes
  • Skin
    • redness
    • rosacea
    • acne
  • Joints
    • pain
    • joint crackling
  • Digestive
    • mouth ulcer
    • abdominal distention
    • bloating
    • acid reflux
    • gas
    • flatulence and abdominal cramping
    • diarrhea
  • Immunity system
    • latent infections – herpes, abscesses, etc.

To be aware about the sugar effects on your body, allows you to identify with the issue and feel that it is time to act.

Love & light


Photo by:  Joanna Kosinska

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