Would you like to simplify your life and introduce more style?

Waking up and staring at the closet without knowing what to wear is a surefire way to start to a troubled day!

Creating a new outfit combination can take a long time, but in the morning time is precious – the key is do not waste time avoiding the question “What am I going to wear today?” Yes you can wear a suit everyday, if you like. But you can improve your own work style signature as well.

How to do this?

Select an afternoon or evening just for you… The idea is to create a selection of clothes that are easy to wear, that allow you to feel comfortable.

  • In what costume do you feel really good and confident? – ask yourself what you were wearing when you looked at the mirror last time and felt at your best; or what were you wearing that made people repeatedly praise it? Why not consider it for your new work-week uniform? Do you have a signature style? (view post here)

IMG_5494 2

  • Does this outfit work with your lifestyle? If your answer is Yes, That is ok, keep reading.  If your answer is No (see this post, to identify an outlook that fits your lifestyle).
    • First things first! Go to your wardrobe, choose your favorite pieces and their similars and create a selection that reflects your style. It should be something that fits you well and you feel comfortable wearing.
    • Select only your favorite clothes.
    • Do these pieces combine with each other? Select items that look good together, by colour and proportion (see proportion post here)
  • When you have everything selected add variables: If it is raining, if it is cold, if it is windy, if you have to walk… would this outfit work?
    • Add pieces or substitute by clothing that allow’s you to wear the same style in these circumstances and try them out – it is important to verify if you feel at your best with the new solutions.
    • Take notes or even take photos – it is important to know what solutions you have for each variable, and how these work.
  • Add variety by wearing accents of style or colour – offered by accessories and shoes.

What I found was:

  • These strategies have allowed me to enhance my style and introduce diversity and elegance.
  • Versatile clothing that work for several different occasions.
  • Now I’m not worried about the outfit. Now I know that I’m looking at my best, and this enhances my confidence.
  •  I find a solution to simplify my morning routine.
  • The result: dressing in the morning is easier and faster. Now my mind is on what’s really important, focused on family breakfast, on the project, on the job, on the team I’m working with.

And you, have you ever considered a work-week uniform?

Love and light,


Photo by: Bruno Seabra

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