How many times have you opened your wardrobe door and looking inside,  you see a lot of clothes with different styles and in fact you only identify with some of them? And as if that was not enough you have the feeling that you have nothing to wear and that you always walk with the same pieces!

This happens when there is no coherence in our choices when we go shopping, when we get carried away by the tendencies and results in a pile of clothes without purpose!

Take some time and think about you, your lifestyle, the clothes you really like (see post here).

To define your personal style you have to consider:

  1. What is the best expression for your style?  Remember, feminine and classic style is timeless!
  2. Your wardrobe ingredients – create a list with the clothes you identify with:
    • Select only clothes that fits you – forget the size, different brands have different sizes, so in the same day you can wear a t-shirt  with size M/L and a cardigan with size S!
    • Select the pieces you love and the “classics”, they work! You can count with them year after year!
    • Understand your body shape, then select the silhouettes that are flattering on you.
  3. Not so your style! – create a list with the items you bought in the past and you never used or you don’t like (item, colours, details, heel height) and save it on your smart phone and check it before go shopping.IMG_7442
  4. Your Inspiration – bloggers, models, actresses, street style…
  5. Invest in clothes and accessories you know will fit your style, and you will wear – a cheap clothing worn only once can come out more expensive than a more expensive item used for many years!
  6. Think about colour – If you are seeking diversity, it will be more effective to wear the same style of skirt and blouse while using different color combinations, than having many styles of skirts and blouses but always in the same colors.
  7. Pop your signature style – Invest on signature pieces, can be an accessory (scarf, brooch, a bow), a colour (red lipstick, bold handbags etc.) even a beauty secret or a hair style!

IMG_5494 2

The effects of creating the right signature style are:

  • To be noteworthy – your signature style is important to boost you feeling unique and remarkable.
    • When you feel good about what you are wearing, you feel more confident.
    • By being noteworthy you attract the attention in an understated way just because you are elegant, and your style will whispered this,
    • but not in a showy way, your style never screams, ‘Look at me!’

  • A natural connection between the items on your wardrobe and most of them can be combined – it will be easier dressing in the morning!
  • You will save, because you only buy what you really need! Not just because…

The benefits of having a signature style are fascinating! You have a recipe that you know works, and this will manifest itself!

Love & light,


Photo by: Vera


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