To enhance your natural style could be challenging and requires a little bit of awareness about you.

After the first impact wich is appearance related (first step), the second message you send is by your own style, the way you are, you move and you talk, among others.

This means that style is composed by lots of factors. We select some, just to illustrate how to build up your own style.

The way you are – This means being authentic, not trying to be other person, instead of tying to have a fake status or envy the way others live. Being proud of who you are, and where you came from, will give you the energy to be who you want to be, to be yourself. All of us have talents and strengthening your core characteristics will give you confidence. I know it is harder than live a fake story, but the result will bring you happiness. And this is true style, the style that emanates from the inside!

The way you move –  With graceful movements, and some balance accordingly to the situation your presence will be pleased to the others. Anxious movements, speed walking and sudden gestures send a message about your state of mind. We like to be with the ones that brings us confidence, calm and keep us up. Try to be that person, and your own style will benefit.


The way you talk – Such as your movements, the way you talk will elevate or contract your personal style. Gentle words, and some calm in your voice will help, balance is important. There are some happy situations where we should express our enthusiasm! But when our feelings are pushing us to a bad mood, it is fundamental to keep calm, express careful words, and do some efforts to choose the right expression and words, this will keep us away from the conflict. This is an inch of emotional intelligence and you can read more about this on Daniel Goleman books.

On social circumstances, sometimes we are talking about something we think it is interesting, and we are interrupted by others or some situation. Don’t worry about this, it is important to letting go this subject. Sometimes this is some kind of protection, avoiding you to say something, you shouldn’t tell. Don’t feel frustrated about this, and continue the conversation with the same enthusiasm as you have before!


The way you present yourself – Your hair, your hands, your make up, should be as natural as you can, this means not artificial. Yes we are at our best with make up, and a good hairstyle, but the line between natural and artificial is so smooth… The best result is the one that appears the easiest and effortless. Your appearance reveals a woman with good taste, but not pretentious!

The way you treat yourself – Your care with the food you ingest reveals that you are respecting your cells and your body. Avoiding food that is harmful for you is a way to improve your health, and it is easiest to manifest true style with good health! Maybe this is the hardest thing to do on this subject, but avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugars will increase the happiness inside your body!


The way you choose what to share – In our days it is common to see people revealing all the details of their life to the world! But is this interesting? Not everyone needs to know, where did you lunch yesterday or how busy you are, or how many times did you visit the SPA last week! Certain things are better when they are kept at the right time, only for the right people. How many times did you share something just because the pleasure you feel when do it?  However, to share something just to show how fantastic you are is empty, don’t do it! They know you and, they know how amazing you are, so don’t publish yourself!

Your taste in books – to read a good book help us grow! Books are the food of the mind!

IMG_7317 - cópia.jpg

Your taste in-house – This means decoration, of course your taste and style will be reflected at your house! The most important is not the decoration itself, it is the way your house is maintained, keeping your house clean with things on the right places, will reflect your own style, because this emanates a clean and organized mind!

Learning and developing your own style is a process, it takes years, but every day you reach a goal, you increase your particular style. This will highlight a chain of your personal values and therefore, you will end up being different from the others. While most people try to do what others do, or differentiate themselves in a bizarre way, you are different because you have your style and you want to differentiate yourself in a positive way!

Love and light,


Photo by:
louis amal Pete Bellis & Vera

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