Five years ago I read a book entitled The hidden messages in water  written by Masaru Emoto. Since then the way I see water and another elements changed!

The book is about the water characteristics and their connexion with crystal formation.  Different types of water could form different crystals. Tap water, stagnant water and polluted water does not form water crystals, when frozen they form  crystals out of shape. On the other hand, rain water, water from clean rivers, spring water, and water from holly places, when frozen form splendid crystals.kalle-kortelainen-242406

Knowing this, the author did some experiences with tap water exposing it to prayers, beautiful music, beautiful written words, and when frozen all of the water from this different experiences made beautiful crystals!


By sending love, prayers and blessings to the water we can cause changing on tap water making it form beautiful frozen crystals. The author’s conclusion was amazing! He gives us scientific evidence about the power of prayer and love!


Reading this book I realize that:

  • Adults have about 80% of water in their body’s, if we speak more often beautiful words, feel more loving emotions and pray, we are improving the quality of the water that composes our body. This will have an incremental effect, the better you feel the more better you’ll feel.
  • We don’t control the water quality that we consume, so sending love and/or blessing the water we will be ingest, we are enhancing the good proprieties of it.
  • If this apply’s to the water, maybe this applies to food (ex.: vegetables are water rich)!

Since I read this book my water bottles are tidied on a shelf that has the love word written on it!

It is amazing to enhance the proprieties of the water we consume!

Love & light,


Photo by:
Vera       Kalle Kortelainen Aaron Burden & Vera

2 thoughts on “ Enhancing water proprieties ”

  1. Hi, i am delighted about your words. I definity agree with it.
    Positive frame of mind including positive emotions inwards and outwards can change the world.

    Thanks for dedicating with your time making out this blog so que can read it.


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