A new beginning is coming! As we are at Christmas, a new rebirth has come and the Hope of  a better day is with us. Since December 21st the days are getting longer, this means that the light always triumphs and our lives will be better.

Living in a true positive state of mind and spirit will help us to overcome the chilly winter days because we know that tomorrow the day will be bigger and warm, and our lives will be more luminous.


Celebrating Christmas, today we decided to relaunch our blog, including new themes that will bring a new significance. Now we have a wellbeing category, and inside this you will find articles about wellness and mindfulness. We start this new subject because we would like to share about nourish our body and our soul. On Inspiration category we have include subjects related with feminine elegance and style. At the end, we find the Living category, this is about flowers, decoration, and lifestyle ideas!

We are here to give you a breeze of inspiration, we hope you enjoy our new content.

Merry Christmas!

Love & light,


Photo by: Vera & Element5 Digital

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