Knowing how to receive professional guests at home is as important as knowing how to work with them. Having an opportunity to realize a meeting at home brings the chance to a refreshing perspective. These kind of meetings are an absolute complement to the workplace.


Once you have invited your partners, it is time to plan the dinner. Start with a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

  • Schedule day and time. It is important to have everything prepared half an hour before the meeting.
  • Number of guests.
  • Preparations
    • Dining Material: It is the first thing to consider.
      Based on the number of guests, add two or three additional persons and there must be cutlery, crockery, cups, platters, tablecloths and napkins of the same set for everyone. It is advisable to ensure two or three additional sets, in case one break or becomes soiled, as it will be easily replaced without delay or embarrassment.


  • Decoration
    • Table decoration: The decoration needs to be simple and elegant and, the table should be set before the guests arrive. As table centre, you could choose flowers, little plants, candles or fruits. Remember that table centre should be low.
  • Living room: The best way to brighten a room is by adding flowers in jars and put those at strategic points. Sometimes one or two flower arrangements are enough to enhance the decoration.
  • Toilet: Should be spotless, with fresh towels and new soaps or full dispensers. If you like, you can also add a small jar of flowers or a decorative air freshener.
  • Music: Will fill the space with a good vibe, choose a smooth sound and keep it low.
  • It is also necessary to consider a place for the guests leave their coats.
  • Menu: You will have to decide if you want to cook, hire someone to come to your home and cook for you, or order the meal. In any case, dinner should include at least one starter, a main course and a desert, with water and possibly other drinks.
  • Table seat distribution: When dinner is offered by a couple, the guest of honour sits to the right of the owner of the house and his wife to the left. As far as possible, the distribution of seats should alternate between men and women.

As hosts, we especially want to receive well, and ensure that they enjoy being in our house, promoting a few hours of a productive, pleasant and unforgettable occasion.



Photo by:Alberto Castillo Q. chuttersnap Evelina Friman Nils Stahl Kirill Zakharov

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