In our days there are “less rules” about fashion and style, as we can see in many blogs and magazines. Sometimes we see stylish women breaking the rules about the way we should dress, and it works and they look fabulous!

You know that what you are wearing is the first message you send about you, it is a form of communication. It says so much about you, what you want to project in a certain situation and about the people with whom you are going to cross. Just as an example, a sloppy look can pass on the same message, a sexy look it will pass the message of what you are looking for… even if the intention is contrary, the clothes will pass the message.

 The essential is to find the style that fits you, the propose and the situation.

How can you do it?

1.Considering the essentials of the way you live – this means that you need to follow the requirements of your daily life:

  • Your main activity or job / Your life style.
  • Your personality – How would you describe yourself?
  • The place where you live – Countryside, city, by the sea.

2. Recognizing your personal goals and ambitions:

  • If you have a job and you aim to expand to another activity,  it makes sense that you dress for that propose – “dress for the you, you want to be” of course this needs good judgment.
  • Take the time to think about your goals. Then, viewing the woman you want to become you’ll get a brighter perception of how to emerge your own style reflecting the image you want to have.



3. Find your inspiration resources:

  • Find a friend, a blogger, an actress, a model,  or someone who has a style wich you identify yourself.
  • Think about what you admire in your style icon – it is important to understand what inspires you and what you really like. This will help to add these qualities to your new look.
  • Keep an album on pinterest or on your device and add some pictures! Look at the picture and analyse the outfit, if you like the photo for other reasons add it to another album. Keep your album consistent to simplify the task.

4. Describe your style – you can use more than one word to describe your style. Are you classic, polished, feminine, elevated, clean, minimalistic, relaxed, effortless, elegant, modern, ladylike, tailored…

5. Follow your body shape

  • You may admire your friend’s bodycon dresses, but if you don’t have a wasp waist, it is better to choose one of the two, or to find a way to use these kind of dresses disguising the waist, with a long vest, or to find a style that fits to your body shape.
  • Include fashion components and accessories you appreciate into an outfit that makes you feel confident and suitable.

6. Be critical about your clothes

  • Look at your current wardrobe and try to identify the clothes that are real mistakes, the mistakes that you can adapt to your new style and the clothes you really like.
  • Encouraged by your inspiration sources create a check list of the clothes you need.
  • Next time you go shopping buy only things that fits to you and creates a silhouette you like and are matching with your new style.


7. Create a “uniform”

  • For those days when we don’t know what to dress, or when we are late, it is essential to have one or two uniforms, that means, to have in mind one or two different sets of combination clothes that you can use reflecting your new style.

The truth is that style emerges from within you, clothing is just an outward manifestation, a way of communicating that same style.



Photo by:
Luke Pamer

Clem Onojeghuo

Hisu lee

henri meilhac

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