As the years pass I realize that sleeping well does wonders! Regardless of sleep being a basic necessity, sleep well is a blessing.

Sleeping well depends on lots of factors, although some of these factors can not be managed, there are other ones that depend on our willingness to improve the quality of our sleep.


What can we do to sleep well?

  • Create a sleep routine – Try to lie down and wake up at the same time, even on weekends, this will improve your circadian rhythm and with time it will become a habit and  wake up in the morning will be easier.
  • Sleep routine starts before lay in bed:
    • Two hours before bedtime, turn off monitors and gadgets. Read books, write on paper, take a relaxing bath with lavender scent … there are so many things that relax before going to bed!
    • Wear silk or cotton pyjamas, this fabrics respect the skin and allow it to breath.
    • Put some drops of lavender oil on your pillow.
    • When in bed, be grateful for the blessings of your life and also for the hours you will sleep, even on the day when you will only sleep five hours, you should be grateful that your body has the capacity to regenerate.
  • Organize your bedside table – must be tidy and only with what you need at night.
  • Your room should be a peaceful environment, decorate it with light colours, opt for cotton sheets, choose a soft light lamp and avoid the pile of clothes on the chair.
  • If technology doesn’t help, why not take out the television, electronic watch and put the mobile phone in flight mode, or even leave it outside the room?

If you start sleeping in a regular pattern you will notice that you feel better, more optimistic, do not feel cravings and your skin becomes brighter. The best of everything? When you get used to sleeping well, you will not want to go back to old sleeping habits!



Photo by:

 Alexandra Gorn

& Vera

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