To use color successfully is important to understand the difference between color and tone.

Captura de ecrã 2017-11-21, às 12.51.19.png

We can write lots of posts just about color, but for that propose it is important to know that Color is a pigment wich is described by the name we give to a color. Tone is a property of each color, that came from the darkness to  lightness. Just as an example, olive-green, blue-green (teal) and green are three different colors, however light olive-green and dark olive-green are two tones of the same color.



Why this is important?

Think about dressing or designing your home decoration:
– Picking two distinct greens in the same room or outfit sometimes doesn’t work. You can do it but it’s harder to get a good result!
– But combine two tones of the same green will be amazing!

Note: Here we are talking about “plain vanilla rules”. This is only an orientation because when we are talking about creative things, we start with an orientation base, but we aim to go and, break those rules.

Photo & Color scheme by: Vera


This is only a superficial overview about color, this is not a technical or theoretical post.

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