Have you had the experience of go out in the morning and, in the middle of the day your belly is like a balloon, bringing discomfort, ruining your posture and your outfit?

Oh yes! This happens lots of times, and I went to study what is this and how could overcome it. And what have I found? Despite the days you are with belly distended since you wake up, the other times belly will get bigger because of what we eat during the day.

Overeating,  sudden increase in fiber consumption, refined carbohydrates consumption, swallow too much air, are causes that bring us flatulence and consequently abdominal distention.

Depending the cause which is the origin of the abdominal distention, you can try to reverse that situation with simple strategies:

  • How many glasses of water do you drink during the day? Our body needs to be well hydrated to work better. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
  • Learning to chew – it may sound strange, but digestion starts in mouth so, when we swallow with less chewing, our digestive tract need to do it for us. This implies an unnecessary effort that leads to the production of gas. Besides that, carbohydrate digestion starts on mouth, because our saliva is rich in an enzyme wich is ptyalin and this will digest the carbohydrates. So when we don’t chew our food, we are jumping this important step. Chews at least 30 times each portion of food.


  • Do a food list – when you eat some meal, try to identify wich food it is related with the abdominal distention. Do the list and try to avoid those foods.
  • Are you starting a new alimentary plan? – sometimes abrupt feed ingestion of a new food (fiber rich) may increase gas production. If is that your case, first abandon “bad habits” and gradually start the new ones.
  • The best way to give the best to our bodies, is not the intake of super-foods, is to have the courage to avoid what should not be ingested.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates –  it’s easy said than done. It’s hard to turn the back for them, they are 360° around us. But there’s a formula that helps us, is to give preference to proteic foods. And don’t touch in any carbohydrate related. When you do this,  two or three days after, you feel better and find a balance between you and your food.

The cause presented on this text is just one among dozens of pathologies that are related with abdominal distension. Some of them need to be managed by health professionals. If this is your case ask for medical monitoring. We need a balanced diet, so protein intake need to be balanced because excess of protein may cause some serious diseases.



Photo by:
Florian Klauer

& Vera

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