Jeans and tapered pants looks fabulous with flats or heels, it is very feminine. But on the Winter days when we don’t want to wear boots, what kind of socks do we wear with heels or flats? And how to wear them with class?

bin-thi-u-376221When we wear skinny or tapered pants, this means that our ankle is exposed, so we need to consider the socks/stockings quality, the way they works, that is, something elegant, like brand new, fits perfectly, and stays up without falling in a heap on the ankle.

Tapered pants may be used with oxford, brogue and loafers, with cotton/dark socks, but sometimes this way may bring a masculine touch to the outfit.

If we are looking for a nude effect, stockings are the key:

  • Knee stockings – they tend to fall down, just because those kind of pants are so tight  that the legs movements tend to move them down.
  • Tights – are the easiest way to add warmth on feet, they warm up, they provide nude effect and stays on all day. If tights are to hot for you, try to choose a lighter ones, another possibility is to wear silicone top thigh-high stockings,
  • Silicone top thigh-high stockings – this is a good option for tapered pants because they are loose enough on the hips. However if the tapered pants are tight or if you choose this option for skinny jeans, they need to be thick enough to hide your underwear,  it is not good to see the outline top of the stockings through the pants.kris-atomic-73940

The really good thing is that the tights are the classy and timeless option that goes well with both flats and heels!

Photo by:

Bin Thiều

Kris Atomic

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