Flowers are one of the easiest way to enhance our decoration, they can add an elegant touch of color at home.

On weekends a home full of flowers gives us a pleasant sensation of relaxation. It’s good too see our space pretty.

Sometimes, we have a party or a reception at home and some corner is undecorated, with flowers we could transform the empty space happening to be the focal point. Other times, a table flower arrangement is the solution to create cosiness for a dinner.

When doing flower arrangements, we need to consider:

  • Framework elements – Containers and flowers color, shape, texture and length.
  • The style and the atmosphere we want – considering the room, season and occasion.
  • When we are creating a table flower arrangement we need to keep the flower arrangements low for uninterrupted cross-talking.


The overall arrangement need to be effortless, with a spontaneous combination of elements,  adding a finishing touch of charming and style at home that pleases the senses.



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