How many times did you buy one piece and, when you arrive at home you look at the label and don’t know how to take care properly? Or, you choose always the same washing machine program and, some clothes began to look faded.

There are some little tips and tricks to ensure long life for your garments.

To wash:

Beyond the main and popular rules that are, separate by color, empty pockets, close zippers and read the label of the clothes:

  • Turn the clothes inside out – this will avoid pilling (bobbles) formation on cotton socks, t-shirts and pyjamas, and it is better to maintain colors.
  •  Dissolve the powdered detergents well – this may sound strange, but sometimes in short programs some detergents does not have enough time to dissolve and this may cause some bruising or discoloration. Just measure the detergent quantity, add some water and mix it before putting it in the detergent drawer.
  • Prefer warm water temperature.
  • Don’t overload your washer.
  • Gently shakes your clothes when you are taking them out of the machine – this will reduce creasing.

Hand wash:

Hand wash is the very best form to take care of your tights, some silk tops and some cashmere.  Today we can hand wash our favorite pieces in less than five minutes:

  • Give preference to a gentle soap or mild detergent and cold water, gently wash the piece and, the most important step, rinse them until you see no foam, at least twice.

To dry:

  • The ideal is hang drying at shadow – because fresh air purifies, prevents static cling,  reduce the wear and tear in the dryer.  Sun drying is good for white fabrics, but the sun fade colors giving them a worn out appearance.
  • Clothesline rules – for t-shirts, pants, socks –  if you wear it on top, hang it from the bottom.  Skirts, jeans, hang it by waist band. Dresses and shirts – Hang by shoulder seam if possible with a hanger.
  • If you don’t have clothesline,  tumble dry on low heat setting and do not over dry.
  • For wool or cashmere garments washed by hand, first wrap them in a towel to absorb excess of water, then lay them on a flat surface, it is important that those clothes are on a ventilated place.

It is wonderful to use beautiful clothes that lasts like brand new during long time.



Photo by:

Andy Fitzsimon

& Vera

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