How many times we are tempted to buy something just because is cheap?

In our days we are surrounded by lots of offers, some at very attractive price and, we are tempted to buy quantity forgetting quality and, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish good products from the others.

Try to choose quality instead of quantity, we need to be pampered with well made, good quality products. Just as an example, shoes can elevate our look, but if they are cheap fake leather, those shoes could ruin our entire outfit, because the worst thing is to carry ourselves on bad plastic leather shoes. The same principle applies to a leather sofa, wich can elevate or ruin your livingroom.

When we invest in good quality items these things lasts and we can buy another’s to complement them. This is one of the ways to start to build a wardrobe, decorate the house or even start a collection.

Buy on sales, outlets, and fairs – there are lots of offers at fairs. At international markets and fairs you can find really good products with impressive design. Some fairs have lots of new designers who are starting their businesses.

How to choose quality?

You can create your own checklist. Below you can find a suggestion of what we need to consider before buying a piece.

  • Material – choose natural materials. Go for cotton, silk, alpaca, cashmere, wool, leather or synthetic blended with natural materials.
  • Design – choose a classic design. It means timeless design.
  • Colour – try to match with other colors you have at your house. It’s better to combine two similar colors.
  • Details – size, finishing, patterns and matching.

In spite of the details being at the bottom of the list, sometimes we decline a piece only for one detail.

The message is – buy smartly. You don’t need to spend much to buy a high quality product.


Photo by:rawpixel.com

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