New gifts

In the past, when visiting a friend’s home, we would usually take one bottle of wine. Then as the time went by people started offering chocolates and sweets! But we are living a new era. Last Saturday I went to a dear friend’s home. I took a pot of homemade peanut butter and a little box of […]

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Bedside table

As we mentioned on our previous post “Sleep well… “, a good environment promotes a good rest. More than a decoration, this piece of furniture must provide functionality. To ensure this, the selection of content is essential: Choose a lamp with warm illumination (2700 K) – it can calm you before sleeping and promotes a comfortable wake up. […]

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Duplicate color

Wearing color is not so easy as it seems. Some people circumvent the issue by using lots of black, or using neutral tones, while others enjoy wearing color but don’t know how to look exquisite with them. There are many of theories about colour schemes, but in the morning when we are getting dressed, it is always […]

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We see logos everywhere, they are currently a drift. However, we know that a timeless style walks away from the trends, but sometimes our inner part may ask the question: Should I wear that logo? I know that sometimes we succumb to use logos because we seem to have a certain willingness to show others […]

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